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  • $ 99.00

    Cielo linen

    Cielo is the hat that provides both elegance and softness. It is hand made in linen, and the edge of the brim is framed in six rows of Swiss braid which adds beauty and firmness to the hat. It is trimmed in soft organza around the hat front, featuring rows...
  • $ 99.00

    Manuela tapestry & hessian

    Here is what you need to complete your outfit for unforgettable moments! With this hat you will make statement! You will love to be the center! To be totally and absolutely pampered by uniqueness and beauty… This Manuela style is made in sand color hessian and floral tapestry underneath in...
  • $ 89.00

    Josephine tapestry and hessian

    This soft hat is amazingly beautiful! It reminiscences the 1920s French cloche, and the combination of extreme different materials as tapestry, hessian and organza, adds a toque of uniqueness and extravagance, and yet keep it down to earth as a hat for all occasions. Height of crown: 8 1/2cm Size:...
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